textile artist

My “Why”  
“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
 —John Calvin 


I’ve always been drawn to the textural feeling of fabric in the hand.

 I have a passion to create works that inspire a sense of wonder and bring a sense of calm to your space.  Ultimately, they cause me to “rejoice”, as Calvin said, in the goodness of my maker.

 The California Coast is often an inspiration for my artwork. Using my photography, I can pause a moment in time, and study the details closely, often asking myself, "what would that look like in fabric?"

Observing the world through the lens of fabric, I strive to create vibrant textile art with depth and movement solely with fabric and thread. 

By blending vibrant textiles, and dyeing fabric, I aim to create art that expresses joy in an often weary world. 


        Artist Statement 

Cynthia Minoli is an artist based in Sacramento, California who creates unique textile art solely from fabric and thread. Her travels to the California coast, Yosemite, and beautiful Lake Tahoe are often the inspiration for her work.

With camera in hand, she strives to capture the intricate  details in nature and transform those images into one of a kind, vibrant Textile art.   Her aim is to create works that draw the viewer in to examine the rich texture, then encourage you to stand back and enjoy the overall scene.  Cynthia’s landscapes are made by cutting thousands of pieces of fabric, meticulously layering and stitching them together illustrating depth and movement.   Her work is in private collections from Hawaii to the Virgin Islands and the mid west.

Currently, her work is available directly online.