Textiles With a Story to Tell
Textiles With a Story to Tell
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Hello, my name is Cindy  and I am a fabric collage artist.


I live in the Sacramento valley, where there is an endless amount of creative opportunity with a quick trip to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, or Yosemite.

When I first saw someone take a photograph and transform it into a picture made with fabric, I found my passion.

I love to collect  beautiful and interesting fabrics and make photo-inspired art quilts out of them.

Searching through the lens of a camera, I am always looking for subjects for a new piece in everyday life.

Once, in London, I saw a man playing a clarinet on a bridge.  His coat was stunning, the music was beautiful and the air was crisp.

My first thought was, “He has to be a quilt!”

It is such a thrill to chase an idea and follow it until you have a final piece, as you never really know what it will look like until you’re finished.

My background in art is primarily self taught and I am always striving to learn more.  Art and life are ever evolving and creating each new piece sparks the passion to create something beautiful. 

To complete designs, I start with a photograph and transform it into a fabric collage. use raw edge applique’ and free motion quilting to add details, similar to sketching with a sewing machine.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.  

Thank you for stopping by.