textile artist

My “Why”  
“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
 —John Calvin 


   I have found my voice in creating textile art that reflects the joy that I have for the undeserved grace that I have been given. This compels me  to express that through reconstructing scenes from my photography into fabric collage. 

 The thing that draws me to textile art is the idea that I am free to design and create without having to follow rules. I have the freedom to let a design emerge or change directions and chart my course when inspiration strikes. I enjoy the very tactile nature of fabric in the hand, searching for the perfect colors to blend and sometimes dying my own, and trying to convey light and shadow with only fabric and thread.

  I strive to create landscapes that invite the viewer to be drawn in to examine the rich texture, then stand back and observe the overall scene.

Painting with strokes of fabric, thousands of pieces are cut and meticulously arranged on a canvas, then sewn together to create depth and movement.

As I create each one of a kind piece, I am inspired to rejoice in God’s goodness and reflect the beauty of what He has made.

My goal is to create a beautiful piece that will inspire the viewer and add a sense of joy any home or office.