A True Friend

Cynthia Minoli


I find it amusing that the one I love, the one that holds my heart in his, couldn’t be more different than me. We are complete opposites. Glancing at the ocean, he sees something ominous, like impending doom. I see a vast expanse of water filled with life teaming below the surface. I wonder what the landscape of the ocean floor looks like.  I wonder if there is a whale within sight, just below the surface. And then, I see a man with the sun’s rays on him and it melts my heart. He is my biggest fan.  I love that he wants to go with me to photograph these waves when he finds it hard to sit still, watch and listen.   He is a true friend.  

This piece measures 35”x26 ¾”.


Painting with strokes of fabric, this one of a kind art work was created by meticulously adding hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric to a canvas and stitched together creating depth and movement.