Autumn Tree Textile Art

Cynthia Minoli

I was inspired to make this one of a kind work of art while walking in Mid town Sacramento. I had been watching all of the phases that this tree went through over the year. I was captured by the way that the enormous branches twist and turn, reaching out into the street.

I took the tree out of the city and placed it in what I imagined would be the perfect reading spot.
Some of the leaves are gently falling down to a little girl on a blanket reading to her best friend.

 Like painting with strokes of fabric, hundreds of tiny pieces are meticulously added to a canvas and stitched together using my sewing machine to sketch details.

The measurements are 39 1/2” tall x 24 1/2” wide.

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A four inch sleeve has been added to the back for ease of hanging.

For many years of vibrant color, avoid hanging in direct sunlight.       



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